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The City of London, which was built in the sixteenth century as a coaching inn. The lower bars on the high street are the stabling area of the original inn. It is the establishment mentioned in the Dr Syn stories as the Seawall Tavern. There is a story of how the Seawall Tavern became the City of London.

During a great storm in the mid seventeen hundreds a ship called the City of London was ship wrecked off the coast of Dymchurch, with a great loss of life. So great was the storm and so gigantic the waves, that the ship was tossed up over the sea wall and crashed into the tavern, causing great damage to the building. The tavern was restored using timbers from the wreck and as a commemoration for all the people who were killed the tavern changed its name to the City of London.

The pub remains a memorial to those who died in the 1775 storm.